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EMBOSS library for commands

This package contains a core library of the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite, EMBOSS.

AJAX covers standard data structures, including strings, sequences, file handles, queues, hashes, heaps, lists, dictionaries, trees and dynamic arrays. It also covers standard algorithms including comparisons, pattern matching, sorting, and iterators. AJAX will also provide a set of high level graphics functions suited to the needs of sequence analysis applications.

This package contains the runtime library files needed to run software using libajax.

Package version:6.1.0-5


emboss (6.1.0-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * The source package is now managed with Git (debian/control).
    - VCS URLs updated in debian/control.
  * debian/changelog: corrected an error on a progam name (vectorstrip).
  * debian/patches/transient-vectorstrip.patch: keep quality scores.
  * Two new patches not yet officialised:
    - debian/patches/transient-vectorstrip.patch: retain quality scor


Version 6.1.0
	A new data structure AjPSeqXref holds details of cross-references
	between a sequence object and any other data resource. The
	cross-reference attributes include a type to indicate the source
	of the cross-reference, for example XREF_DR for a reference in a
	DR line from EMBL or Swiss-Prot. The other attributes are the
	database name and up to 4 identifiers (as in the Swiss-Prot DR



The EMBOSS package for Debian was initially prepared by Matt Hope
( in 2002-2004 and released on
( The package distributed in Debian
was prepared by the "pkg-emboss" project in 2006, using the work of Matt Hope
as a starting point. The packaging work of the pkg-emboss project is in the
public domain unless stated otherwise.


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