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FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files

The FreeType project is a team of volunteers who develop free, portable and high-quality software solutions for digital typography. They specifically target embedded systems and focus on bringing small, efficient and ubiquitous products.

The FreeType 2 library is their new software font engine. It has been designed to provide the following important features: * A universal and simple API to manage font files * Support for several font formats through loadable modules * High-quality anti-aliasing * High portability & performance

Supported font formats include: * TrueType files (.ttf) and collections (.ttc) * Type 1 font files both in ASCII (.pfa) or binary (.pfb) format * Type 1 Multiple Master fonts. The FreeType 2 API also provides routines to manage design instances easily * Type 1 CID-keyed fonts * OpenType/CFF (.otf) fonts * CFF/Type 2 fonts * Adobe CEF fonts (.cef), used to embed fonts in SVG documents with the Adobe SVG viewer plugin. * Windows FNT/FON bitmap fonts

This package contains the files needed to run programs that use the FreeType 2 library.

Home Page: Authors: David Turner <> Robert Wilhelm <> Werner Lemberg <>

Package version:2.2.1-5+etch4


FreeType 2 for Debian

Hurray!  FreeType 2 is finally here!  :-)  The "6" in the package name
"libfreetype6" is the major soname of FreeType 2's libfreetype.

According to the FreeType 2 FAQ,

    The FreeType 2 API is a lot simpler than the one in 1.x while being
    much more powerful. We thus encourage you to adapt your source code
    to it as this should not involve much


                  FreeType font driver for PCF fonts

                       Francesco Zappa Nardelli


PCF (Portable Compiled Format) is a binary bitmap font format, largely used
in X world. This code implements a PCF driver for the FreeType library.
Glyph images are loaded into memory only on demand, thus leading to a


freetype (2.2.1-5+etch4) oldstable-security; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload by the security team.
  * This update fixes various integer overflows in cff/cffload.c,
    smooth/ftsmooth.c amd sfnt/ttcmap.c leading to arbitrary code
    execution or denial of service via a crafted font file
    (CVE-2009-0946; Closes: #524925).

 -- Nico Golde <>  Wed, 29 Apr 2009 14:47:31 +000


2006-05-12  Werner Lemberg  <>

	* Version 2.2.1 released.



CHANGES BETWEEN 2.2.1 and 2.2


    - Various integer overflows have been f


Here is a list of items that need to be addressed in FreeType 2


This package was Debianized by Christoph Lameter <> on
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 11:51:45 -

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