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A useful set of widgets for GTK+

Shared libraries for GtkExtra

Widgets included:

GtkSheet - A matrix widget, which consists of a scrollable grid of cells.

GtkPlot - A widget to draw high quality scientific plots in two dimensions with a look and feel very similar to Microcal Origin for Windows.

GtkIconList - A GtkLayout subclass that allows you to display a table of xpm icons with editable labels.

GtkDirTree - A GtkCTree subclass that allows you to navigate the file-system.

GtkFileList - A GtkIconList subclass that displays the contents of a given directory using fancy icons for different types of files.

GtkIconFileSelection - A nice looking file selection dialog combining GtkDirTree and GtkFileList. It also has two entries to select the file and filter.

GtkItemEntry - A GtkEntry subclass which either be a fixed size or be dynamically resized when the text is entered. You can also change text justification and the foreground and background colors very easily.

GtkFontCombo - A GtkToolBar subclass to select among the 35 standard PostScript fonts, the font size, and bold or italics. It returns the name of the corresponding Postscript font and the equivalent Xfont.

GtkComboBox - A composite widget with two buttons, one of which is an arrow to display a popdown window where you can pack whatever you want, from a calendar to a clist.

GtkColorCombo - A GtkComboBox subclass with a customizable palette of colors in the popdown window.

GtkBorderCombo - A GtkComboBox with a variety of border styles in the popdown window.

GtkCheckItem - A GtkCheckButton hack with the look and feel of the Redmond95 theme.

Package version:0.99.16-1.1


General Information

This library is GTK+extra vesion 0.99.0. It is a useful widget set 
complementary to GTK+ for creating graphical interfaces for the X Windows 
System. It is written in C and requires GTK+ version 1.2.x.

The official web site is:





gtk+extra (0.99.16-1.1) unstable; urgency=high

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Update config.{sub,guess} to fix building on mips(el)
    (Closes: #274501)
  * Make debhelper build dependency versioned, since DH_COMPAT != 1

 -- Frank Lichtenheld <>  Sun, 10 Oct 2004 20:59:26 +0200

gtk+extra (0.99.16-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release

 -- Bradley Bell <btb@debian.o


24/07/2001 Summary of changes


- bugfix in gtk_sheet_thaw
- bugfix: FALSE return value after "deactivate" signal


- memory leak in draw_lines/draw_polygon, 
  by Damian Gilmurray <>


- memory leaks,  
  by Damian Gilmurray <>



Adrian E. Feiguin <> <>


National High Magne


This package was debianized by Bradley Bell <> on
Fri,  7 Jan 2000 13:40:53 -0800.


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