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libraries for Guile1.4 (guile, guilereadline, and qthreads)

Guile shared object libraries and the ice-9 scheme module. Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension.
Package version:1:1.4-26


 For now, I'm not going to monkey with trying to install the X?Emacs
 lisp stuff.  It's sitting in the examples direcotory for now.  I need
 to look everything over more, and make sure it all works, plus figure
 out how to go about installing it for the various emacsen.  That's
 second priority after getting the packaging setup and
 cvs-buildpackage stuff working right, then ensuring that guile a


Here's some machine-specific informatin for various systems:

m88k on g88.sim

		echo (gdb) target sim\n
		target sim
		echo (gdb) ecatch all\n
		ecatch all
		echo (gdb) break exit\n
		break exit
	% vi Makefile		// set CC and AS
	% setenv MEERKAT /projects/cer/meerkat
	% set path=($MEERKAT/bin $path)
	% make run
	% g88.sim run
	(g88) run run N		// where `N' is the test number

m88k on 


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 13:23:11 -0800
From: "" <>

>[What's needed to get `qt' on an i860-based machine?]

Almost certainly "some assembly required" (pun accepted).

To write a cswap port, you need to understand the context switching
model.  Turn to figure 2 in the QT TR.  Here's about what the assembly
code looks like to implement that:



This is version 1.4 of Guile, Project GNU's extension language
library.  Guile is an interpreter for


This is a source code distribution for QuickThreads.  QuickThreads is a
toolkit for building threads


Guile NEWS --- history of user-visible changes.  -*- text -*-
Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 


The gh implementation (gh_data.c, gh.h, etc.) used to live in a
separate directory called gh.  In Ap


Wed Apr  5 14:32:51 1995  Gary Houston  <>

	* unix.c, ioext.c, posix.c, sys.c

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