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visual widget library for database access

kh_kdeclasses is a database frontend for KDE based on the hk_classes library.

hk_classes is a set of C++ libraries for rapid development of database applications with all features a modern database application should have, like forms and reports. hk_classes is database and GUI independent.

Package version:0.8.3-2


knoda (0.8.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Updated standards version
  * Added Homepage control field
  * Changed menu section for new policy
  * Changed ${Source-Version} to ${binary:Version}
  * Added kghostview recommendation (closes: #416919)
  * Updated French translation from Samuel Thibault (closes: #407733)
  * Removed unnecessary build dependency libqt3-compat-headers

 -- Peter Eisentrau


December 17 MET 2006 - Horst Knorr <>
    o V 0.8.3 knoda & hk_kdeclasses
	o A "reload"-button added to tables, queries and views

    o Bugfixes
	o hk_kdedate: delimiter '#' was not only used in filtermode, but also in viewmode, fixed

October 27 MET 2006 - Horst Knorr <>
    o V 0.8.2 knoda & hk_kdeclasses


This package was debianized by Mike Schacht <> on
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 11:07:42 -0500.

It was downloaded from <>.

Upstream author:  Horst Knorr <>


  This software is copyright (c) 2000-2002 by Horst Knorr.

  You are free to distribute this software under the terms of the GNU
  General Public License.

On Debian sy

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