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MIT Kerberos administration runtime libraries

Kerberos is a system for authenticating users and services on a network. Kerberos is a trusted third-party service. That means that there is a third party (the kerberos server) that is trusted by all the entities on the network (users and services, usually called "principals").

This is the MIT reference implementation of Kerberos5.

This package contains the administration runtime libraries, used by the kadmin protocol and the KDC.

Package version:1.4.4-7etch8


                         MIT Kerberos for Debian

Kerberos Package Roadmap

  Most systems using Kerberos should install at least krb5-user, which
  contains the basic kinit, klist, and kdestroy binaries to manage user
  Kerberos credentials, as well as other basic utilities.  In order to
  use Kerberos passwords for local authentication and obtain Kerberos
  credentials automatically when logging


krb5 (1.4.4-7etch8) oldstable-security; urgency=high

  * cve-2009-4212, MIT-KRB5-SA-2009-004:  Integer underflows in AES and
    RC4 decriptions.  This can definitely lead to a DOS attack and
    potentially may leae to execution of unexpected code.  It's
    potentially possible that arbitrary code could be executed, although
    much more likely that permuted heap contents or buffers not under



This package was debianized by Sam Hartman <> on
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 16:05:06 -0400.

It was downloaded from:


Upstream Maintainers:

    MIT Kerberos Team <>


Copyright (C) 1985-2003 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

All rights reserved.

Export of this software from the United States of America may requi

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