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Libraries for ORBit - a CORBA ORB

ORBit is a lightweight CORBA ORB designed for use with the Gnome project. (Nothing about it requires Gnome, though.)

This package contains the run-time libraries used by ORBit-based apps.

Package version:0.5.16-1


Code for an ORB written in C will spontaneously evolve here.

ORBit is part of the GNU project, and is a GNU program. For more
information on the Free Software Foundation and GNU, visit

The ORBit web page is currently at
Please send bug reports to and/or the AUTHORS.

Read 'NEWS', 'TODO', and 'docs/*' if you're bored.

Notes on 


Starting in version 0.5.0-5, if no /etc/orbitrc file is found, one was
created which disabled tcp.  (As of 0.5.8-1, this is no longer done,
as tcp is disabled by default, but the file may be present if you had
an earlier version installed.)  If you are merely running Gnome on a
single workstation, this is probably what you want.  If you are using
tcp to share remote objects with ORBit, you can edi


Jul 06, 1999:
	ORBit 0.4.91 prerelease
		. Bug fixes.
		. Implement CORBA_Object_is_a().

Jun 10, 1999:
	ORBit 0.4.90 prerelease
		. New IDL compiler (fixes some bugs, probably causes others)
		. Bug fixes:
			Non-blocking-fds patch from Owen.
			Handle some errors better in servers, by actually returning an exception.
			Automatically mark outgoing connections as authenticated.
			Speed up libIIO


orbit (0.5.16-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Reverted to using upstream con


2002-05-27  Huw Rogers <>

	* src/orb/poa.c (PortableServer_DynamicImpl__init)


If you want to work on one of these items, please let orbit-list or me
<> know and


Here's some things that should be in the next release or two:

* Man pages -- I'm able to create a s


This whole saga started by Dick Porter <> and Elliot Lee

Other peo

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