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Libraries necessary to run Ruby 1.8

Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks (as in perl). It is simple, straight-forward, and extensible.

This package includes the libruby, necessary to run Ruby 1.8.

Package version:


English.rb	lets Perl'ish global variables have English names
Env.rb		loads importenv.rb
README		this file
base64.rb	encodes/decodes base64 (obsolete)
benchmark.rb	a benchmark utility
cgi-lib.rb	simple CGI support library (old style)
cgi.rb		CGI support library
cgi/session.rb	CGI session class
complex.rb	complex number support
csv.rb		CSV parser/generator
date.rb		date object
date/format.rb	date pa


  Ruby BIGDECIMAL(Variable Precision) extension library.
  Copyright (C) 1999  by Shigeo Kobayashi(

BigDecimal is copyrighted free software by Shigeo Kobayashi <>.
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under either the terms of the GPL
(see COPYING file), or the conditions below:

  1. You may make and give away verbatim copies of the source form


pty extension version 0.3 by A.ito

1. Introduction

This extension module adds ruby a functionality to execute an 
arbitrary command through pseudo tty (pty).

2. Install

Follow the instruction below.

(1) Execute

      ruby extconf.rb

    then Makefile is generated.

(3) Do make; make install.

3. What you can do

This extension module defines a module named PTY, which contains
following modu


	README for expect
		by A. Ito, 28 October, 1998

	Expect library adds IO class a method called expe


	README for expect
		by A. Ito, 28 October, 1998

  Expect�饤�֥����ϡ�tcl �� expect �ѥå������Ȼ�


pty ��ĥ�⥸�塼�� version 0.3 by A.ito

1. �Ϥ�����

���γ�ĥ�⥸�塼���ϡ�����tty (pty) ���̤���Ŭ


-*- rd -*-
$Author: shyouhei $
$Date: 2007-02-13 08:01:19 +0900 (Tue, 13 Feb 2007) $


= Stri


= command line options

: -W option

  new option to specify warning level. -W0 to shut up warnings,

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