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ASN.1 to C or C++ or IDL compiler, shared libraries

Snacc is short for "Sample Neufeld ASN.1 to C Compiler" and ASN.1 stands for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ITU-T X.208/ISO 8824). Snacc supports a subset of ASN.1 1988. If you need features of ASN.1 1992 or later, snacc is not for you.

These are the shared libraries for programs developed using snacc.

Package version:1.3.1-1


This new release, 1.3.1, consists of some improvements and bug fixes:

New in 1.3.1:
 * Fix the passing of a variable string as a printf-format.
 * Fixes to examples so that they'll compile.
 * Various packaging clean-ups.

New in 1.3:
 * Corrected bug in generic table decoder wrt. indefinite length elements
 * Corrected compiler access to freed memory (bug reported by Markku Savela)
 * Broke asnw



main changes between versions 1.1 and 1.2:

* ports to linux and alpha, which should make snacc both endianess and
  64 bit clean.
* to complement the destructors, T::T (const T&) and
  T &T::operator = (const T &) have been added to override the defaults
  supplied by the compiler. reason: simple pointer duplication may lead


snacc (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Adopting the package (Closes: #572884)
  * New upstream release 1.3.1 from new upstream
    - fix autoreconf warnings (Closes: #506439)
    - fix FTBS with -Werror=format-security (Closes: #654403)
    - use std::endl in asn-len.h (Closes: #547784)
  * Depend on dh-autoreconf instead of automake1.7 and autoconf
    (Closes:#648590, #628346)
  * Don't ship


Sat 10 Mar 16:04:59 2012  Mo McRoberts <>

	Merge patches from Debian and Ubuntu, thank


Packaged-By: W. Martin Borgert <>
Packaged-Date: Sat, 2001-01-27 01:18:46 +0000.


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