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GUI Integrated Reactors for TAO: Qt Reactor

Recognizing the need to write reactor-based GUI applications, the ACE community has created several reactor extensions for use with X Window System. Each of these extends the ACE_Select_Reactor to work with a specific toolkit. By using these reactors, your GUI application can remain single threaded yet still respond to both GUI events, such as button presses, any your own application events.

The TAO_QtResource_Factory extends both the TAO_Default_Resource_Factory class.

Package version:


ace ( unstable; urgency=high

  * Thomas Girard <>
    - debian/control:
      o libacexml-dev depends on libace-dev.
      o libkokyu-dev depends on libace-dev.
      o libtao-dev depends on libtao1.4.
      o normalize Depends: and Build-Depends: sections.
    - debian/ace-config.1 debian/tao-config.1: fix hyphenation problem
      reported by lintian.
    - de


Sat Jul 31 11:13:20 2004  Ossama  <>

        * ACE version 5.4.2 released.

Sat Jul 31 10:22:05 2004  Balachandran Natarajan  <>

	* bin/make_release:

	  WashU cvs is running a very old version of CVS which doesn't
	  support many of the old commands that we used to use. Retiring
	  those commands and set the working ones. 
Sat Jul 31 07:08:15 2004  Os


This package was debianized by Ossama Othman <> on Fri,
25 Sep 1998 16:43:42 -0400.  It is now maintained by Brian Nelson
<> and Konstantinos Margaritis <>.

It was downloaded from:  

  Copyright and Licensing Information for ACE(T

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