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small e-mail program targetting hardware with modest resources

Modest is a lightweight, fully-featured e-mail client optimized for hardware with limited resources, such as low-end PCs or mobile devices like the Nokia N800/N810 Internet Tablets. It is built on top of Tinymail, a framework for developing mobile applications with e-mail functionality, specially designed to be fast and resource saving. Although the main target of Modest are devices with low resources, it can be used as desktop e-mail client as well. This is possible because it was designed on top of both the Maemo platform and the GNOME Mobile stack.

This package contains the e-mail client for osso.

Package version:3.90.4-2



"modest" is a modest e-mail program, based on Philip van Hoof's *tinymail*.
tinymail is an effort to ease the writing of email programs, in particular
for small devices.

And while tinymail can support just about anything, we are using it's 
*libcamel* backend for mail protocol implementation.

More about camel:
More about tinymail: https://svn.cronos.b


- Fixes in search, settings and localisation

* 2008-W22:
- Many stability and performance related issues fixed
- fixes for some rare crashes
- SMTP server related fixes

* 2008-W20:
- a couple of send and receive related issues fixed

* 2008-W19:
- a couple of rare hangs / crashes fixed

* 2008-W18:
- some more low-memory fixes
- many small UI issues were fixed
- a couple of rare hangs


modest(1)                   User Manuals                   modest(1)

       modest - The Modest Mail User Agent

       modest [showui]

       Modest  is  a  graphical e-mail program, targetting resource-
       constrained environments, such  as  older  PCs  and  internet
       tablets.  It aims to be easy to use and provide a complete e-
       mail experience, whi


modest (3.90.4-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/ Add -N option to git format-p


 * Look into packaging tinymail mozembed UI

 * Look into packaging hildon-notify

 * Look into pack


modest is an e-mail client for platforms with modest resources.

git snapshots (upstream versions wi

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