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graphical user interface plug-in for Licq using Qt4

This package provides a Qt-based graphical user interface to the Licq instant messaging client. The GUI provides access to all features available in Licq and is the default plug-in for Licq.

The GUI contains a wide range of configurable options as well as skin support allowing behaviour and appearance to be customized in many ways. Features include spell checking, auto-raise and auto-popup incoming messages, tray icon and a searchable history.

By taking advantage of the desktop integration features of Qt4, the GUI can adapt to standard desktops with regards to look and feel. Docking support is also available for Window Maker, AfterStep and Enlightment among others.

Qt4-GUI is based on the old Qt-GUI (licq-plugin-qt) but uses Qt4 and includes new features such as spell checking and configurable keyboard shortcuts as well as entirely new dialogs for messaging, history and settings. Note that spell checking and tray icon are available even though this version is not linked with KDE libraries.

Package version:1.3.9-1


Licq Qt4-GUI Plugin

A plugin for Licq to enable a gui based on Qt.


This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, with the
exception that it may be compiled and linked with the TrollTech QT
library without implying that any of the rights or restrictions
associated with the GPL are applied to the QT library.


See the INSTALL file within this directory.



Note that KDE support is now integrated into Licq.
Just run cmake with -DWITH_KDE=ON to enable some KDE
features. Note that this requires KDE 4.x.

After you compiled and installed Qt-GUI with KDE support, run
`licq -p kde4-gui' to start the kde-gui plugin. This is a one-time hassle,
after the first successfull start you will never have to type in the -p kde4-gui
again, except if you again would l


This theme was created by me :)
It's not meant to be hyper-cool or something similar, it just
has to look plain and clean, nothing more.
Of course these pixmaps can be freely copied by everbody.

27.10.2002, Stefan Gehn <>


Original source:

*** HISTORY ***
4.0 - July


These emoticons were created by me!
They are the original smilies from Mirabelis
ICQ Lite 4 adapted 


These emoticons were created by me!
They are the original smilies from Mirabilis
ICQ Lite 5.1 adapte


These emoticons were created by me!
They are the original smilies from Mirabelis
ICQ Lite 5 adapted 


Gaim's Bugeyes theme adapted to Licq 1.3.x.
Author of the original gaim theme: Reivec Saltari

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