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A server to remotely control the internet connection

LineControl runs a server application on a masquerading - server (Linux). Clients on other hosts may now talk to this server and say that it should establish a certain line (usually using pppd/chat, isdnctrl or some other script). LineControl Server then calls a certain shellscript and waits until a specified network - device is up (for analog lines), until /dev/isdninfo changes its status (if using the ISDN capabilities) or until a certain file exists. Then it sends to all connected Clients a message that the connection is established. The connection won't get killed until each client told to do so, had a timeout or has been terminated. LineControl provides a nice status monitor via two easy to use cgi-bin pages
Package version:2.1.21-4


LineControl Server,
Copyright (C) 1999-2004 by S. Fuchs <>

You may find the Homepage of LineControl at

--- About

This is LineControl Server. It is designed to run on a Linux
masquerading server which has for example a dial-up line to
your ISP to control.

LC is something similar to masqdialer and other remote control
programs for network-connections.


LineControl for Debian

In  the last  version  I introduced  a  debconf based  configuration
script. For the  moment this script it is  not able to autoconfigure
ISDN lines. I have no ISDN link to test configuration script. If you
have one, pls contact me so I can include this stuff too.

This package  has two cgi-bin that  make possible to read  via a web
page  some  statis


LINESRV.CONF(5)                                      LINESRV.CONF(5)

       linesrv.conf - Linesrv configuration file

       This  linesrv.conf  configuration file is read by the Linesrv
       daemon upon starting. In this file it is possible to  specify
       all  the daemon properties such as binding address, start and
       stop command for connection.  This manual  pag


LINESRV(8)                                                LINESRV(8)

       linesrv - A serv


linesrv (2.1.21-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Updated config.* Closes: #357643

 -- Marco Presi (Zuf


This package was debianized by Marco Presi <> on
Thu,  3 Jan 2002 22:58:28 +0100.


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