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Transparent Instant Messaging Proxy Server

timps is an (optionally transparent) proxy server targeted at instant messaging networks -- particularly AOL's Instant Messenger. One of the more important features is that when multiple users are connected through the proxy, messages between those users are kept in the local network and not routed across the internet. Multiple proxies can be connected together to form trusted networks for secure message routing. The proxy can also be used for connecting artificial users, such as interactive agents / bots without rate limiting. More generically, modules can be written that interact at any stage of message routing, creating a flexible system for developing applications with and on IM.

Since timps speaks the IM protocols natively (ie, it looks like an IM server), DNS rerouting or other tricks can be used to invisibly force users through the proxy. This is particularly useful for companies facing auditing compliance on employee communications (for example, Sarbanes-Oxley for financial companies, or normal policy for law firms).

Package version:0.25-4


Suggested usage:

 timpsd -c /usr/share/doc/timps/examples/conf -d -D

Please don't run this as root; it's likely that there are several security
holes (hence the lack of an init.d script). Any user can run the daemon, as
long as the port they specify isn't privileged. Multiple users can run the
daemon simultaneously, as long as each specifies a different port to listen on.




For compiling, you'll need the following packages, including the related
developement files (the -dev package or whatever).
  - expat
  - autoconf/automake
  - libtool

For the nafconsole module, you'll need the following, but you can just ignore
the compilation errors if you don't want it.
  - ncurses
  - readline

For the off-the-r


No news is good news.


timps (0.25-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Build fix: 'dprintf' macro also defined by stdio as a func


Adam Fritzler <> -- original author, main contributor


This package was debianized by Eric Warmenhoven <> on
Thu May 26 17:03:31 PDT 

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