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'InterNetNews' news server (LFS version)

This package provides INN 2.x, which is a very complex news server daemon useful for big sites. The 'inn' package still exists for smaller sites which do not need the complexity of INN 2.x.

This version of the package is compiled with Large Files Support.

The news transport is the part of the system that stores the articles and the lists of which groups are available and so on, and provides those articles on request to users. It receives news (either posted locally or from a newsfeed site), files it, and passes it on to any downstream sites. Each article is kept for a period of time and then deleted (this is known as 'expiry').

By default Debian's INN will install in a fairly simple 'local-only' configuration.

In order to make use of the services provided by INN you'll have to use a user-level newsreader program such as trn. The newsreader is the program that fetches articles from the server and shows them to the user, remembering which the user has seen so that they don't get shown again. It also provides the posting interface for the user.

Package version:2.4.5-5


Some random notes about the Debian INN 2.X package.  

If you are upgrading from a previous version, please review the information
near the top of the NEWS file to learn what has changed, and what you may
need to do to update your system.  

If you plan to use INN at home you should really consider running INN 1.x,
which you can find in the inn package.

INN 2.X is substantially different in terms


Welcome to INN 2.4!

    This work is sponsored by Internet Systems Consortium.

    Please see INSTALL for installation instructions, NEWS for what's
    changed from the previous release, and LICENSE for the copyright,
    license, and distribution terms.

What is INN?

    INN (InterNetNews), originally written by Rich Salz, is an extremely
    flexible and configurable Usenet / netnews news se


PULLNEWS(1)          InterNetNews Documentation          PULLNEWS(1)

       pullnews - Pull news from multiple news servers and feed it
       to another

       pullnews [-hnqRx] [-b fraction] [-c config] [-C width] [-d
       level] [-f fraction] [-F fakehop] [-g groups] [-G newsgroups]
       [-H headers] [-k checkpt] [-l logfile] [-m header_pats] [-M
       num] [-N timeout] [


MOTD.NEWS(5)         InterNetNews Documentation         MOTD.NEWS(5)

NAME - Mess


NEWSFEEDS(5)         InterNetNews Documentation         NEWSFEEDS(5)

       newsfeeds - Dete


NEWSLOG(5)                                                NEWSLOG(5)

       newslog - descri


NEWS.DAILY(8)                                          NEWS.DAILY(8)

       news.daily - do 


NEWS2MAIL(8)                                            NEWS2MAIL(8)

       news2mail - a ch

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