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Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Shared Libs

ParMetis computes minimal-cut partitions of graphs and meshes in parallel, and orders variables for minimal fill when using direct solvers for sparse matrices. It does all this in parallel, and also can efficiently re-partition a graph or mesh whose connectivity has changed.

This package contains the ParMetis shared libraries.

Package version:3.1.1-4


This is ParMetis version 3.1. You can find the manual describing the
various routines in the directory 'Manual'. Also, the file called 
INSTALL contains instructions on how to build and test ParMetis.

Please let me know of any problems that you have found with it.

George Karypis


parmetis (3.1.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Team upload
  * Package migrated to the Debian Science team
  * Standards-Version updated to version 3.9.2
  * Show compilation warnings at build time
  * Programs/Makefile: Explicitly link against mpi to resolve FTBFS.
    Thanks to Daniel T Chen for providing the patch (Closes: #639743)
    (LP: #832950)
  * Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format



Changes in version 3.1
- The mesh partitioning and dual creation routines have changed to support mixed
  element meshes.

- The parmetis.h header file has been restructured and is now C++ friendly.

- Fortran bindings/renamings for various routines have been added.

- A number of bugs have been fixed.
  - tpwgts are now respected for small graphs.
  - fixed various divide by zero errors.
  - rem


This is non-free software written by George Karypis et al. and copyrighted by
the Regents of the Uni

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