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SmartLink software modem daemon

The SmartLink modem daemon is the application part of the driver for recent modems produced by Smart Link Ltd.

This package replaces (along with hardware access drivers) the old driver generation (2.7.x) which consisted of kernel modules only.

It needs a kernel driver to access the hardware. This can be either recent ALSA (shipped with a newer kernel (>=2.6.4) with ALSA support and snd-intel8x0m module) which is sufficient for basic operation and data/Internet connection, or the SmartLink kernel driver which is provided by separate packages which you can build using the source from the sl-modem-source package.

Package version:2.9.11~20100718-3


sl-modem-daemon for Debian

The driver daemon needs kernel modules to access the hardware. This can
be done either with the kernel driver provided by SmartLink or trough
ALSA in recent kernel versions. The SmartLink driver needs to be
compiled as additional module (which requires kernel headers for your
kernel version), but should work more stable and provide more featur


sl-modem (2.9.11~20090222-1) unstable; urgency=low

  Starting with this version, module-assistant support has been removed.
  Building of slamr and slusb modules can either be done automatically using
  DKMS, or done manually.

  Also slamr and slusb devices nodes are not created during package install.
  They are created automatically when the respective module is loaded. Yet
  this works only f


slmodemd(8)                 User Commands                slmodemd(8)

       slmodemd - manual page for SmartLink Soft Modem daemon

       slmodemd [option...] [device]

       This  is  Smart  Link Soft Modem for Linux and provides full-
       featured 56K Voice Fax Modem.

       device name of modem device (default `/dev/slamr0')

       -h, -u,--help, --usage


sl-modem (2.9.11~20100718-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add /usr/sbin:/sbin to PATH before calling e


* Recent version
	- automated recognition of x86_64 host for compile of 64 bit slusb, and concurent 


This package was debianized by Eduard Bloch <> on
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 16:37:46 +0100.


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