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Threaded USENET news reader, based on rn (4.0 beta test)

trn is a threaded news reader with a long history, descended from Larry Wall's rn (part of the second generation of newsreaders). It has a powerful full screen text mode user interface, where most actions are available at the press of a single key. It is highly configurable.

This version of trn reads news from a news server via NNTP (the Network News Transfer Protocol). You must have a news server available - large sites usually provide a site-wide server.

If you install a news server on your system (either containing just local newsgroups or with a partial or full USENET feed) you can configure trn to access it.

This is a separate package from trn because trn 4.0 has enough substantial changes in its default behaviour (for instance, the group selector is new in 4.0) that some users prefer to stay with an older version of trn.

Package version:4.0-test77-6


trn4 for Debian

Starting from trn4 version 4.0-test74-6 and trn version 3.6-15, it is now
possible to install more than one trn package on a system and have them
cooperate in a manner almost transparent to the user.

The system is managed through "alternatives"; please see
update-alternatives(8) if you are unfamiliar with these. Unfortunately,
several separate alternatives need to


When trn is compiled with -DDEBUG (as the Debian package is), you can use
the -D switch to enable a variety of debugging options. These are defined in
common.h in the source, but for reference I'll explain them here. -D is
followed (without a space) by a number, which is the sum of any of several

      2 DEB_COREDUMPSOK		dump core if trn crashes
      4 DEB_HEADER		show parsed header inf


			  Trn Kit, Version 4.0

		    Copyright (c) 1995, Wayne Davison

			Based on rn, Version 4.4

		     Copyright (c) 1985, Larry Wall
                     Copyright (c) 1991, Stan Barber

You may copy the trn kit in whole or in part as long as you don't try to
make money off it, or pretend that you wrote it.

See the file 


PNEWS(1)                                                    PNEWS(1)

       Pnews - a progra


This file will acquaint you with the user-visible changes in trn 4.x.

If you're upgrading from trn 


			*** NEWS NEWS ***

Welcome to trn 4.0-test77 (Sep 1, 2010).

Type 'h' at any prompt to get help. 


<TITLE>Frequently-asked questions for trn 4</TITLE>


RNMAIL(1)                                                  RNMAIL(1)

       Rnmail - a progr

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Download trn4_4.0-test77-6_i386.deb

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