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Python bindings for libstemmer - snowball stemming algorithms

PyStemmer provides access to efficient algorithms for calculating a "stemmed" form of a word. This is a form with most of the common morphological endings removed; hopefully representing a common linguistic base form. This is most useful in building search engines and information retrieval software; for example, a search with stemming enabled should be able to find a document containing "cycling" given the query "cycles".

PyStemmer provides algorithms for several (mainly European) languages, by wrapping the libstemmer library from the Snowball project in a Python module.

It also provides access to the classic Porter stemming algorithm for English: although this has been superseded by an improved algorithm, the original algorithm may be of interest to information retrieval researchers wishing to reproduce results of earlier experiments.

Package version:1.2.0+dfsg-1


pystemmer (1.2.0+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - Uses Cython instead of Pyrex
    - Python3 support.
  * Build python3 packages.
  * Split documentation into python-stemmer-doc.
  * Build-Depend on python-docutils for RST support in epydoc.
  * Use py_builddir_sh macro from
    - Bump python B-D to >= 2.6.6-14~.
  * Install .egg-info

 -- Stefano Rivera <s


Tue Aug 09 16:23:11 BST 2011  Richard Boulton <>

	* *: Patch from Peter Bouda, with some small tweaks, to support
	  python 3.X.  Tested with python 3.2rc3
	* Incompatibility: in python 2.X, algorithms() now returns unicode
	  strings, instead of byte strings.
	* Update to use latest libstemmer.
	* Bump version number to 1.2.0

Thu Nov 05 23:44:19 GMT 2009  Richard Boulton <ri


Upstream-Name: PyStemmer
Upstream-Contact: Richard Boulton <>
Comment: Repackaged:
 Removed bundled libstemmer_c from source, as we build against Debian's
 libstemmer shared library. libstemmer_c was generated from Snowball source,
 but the source wasn't included, violat

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