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wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding, debug version)

wxWidgets is a class library for C++ providing GUI (Graphical User Interface) and other facilities on more than one platform. Version 2.6 currently supports subsets of GTK+, Motif, and MS Windows.

This package provides a Python binding to the wxGTK debug library. This package contains the extensions built for the python debug interpreter.

Package version:


wxPython README

Welcome to the wonderful world of wxPython!

So where do you go from here?  The best thing to do is to run the demo
and use its source code to help you learn how to use wxPython.  Most
of the classes available are demonstrated there, and you can view the
sources directly in the demo so it is designed to help you learn.  If
you are on Windows or OS X then you can ru


wxwidgets2.6 ( unstable; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for i386; no source changes.
  * Rebuild against new libjpeg to pick up versioned symbols

 -- i386 Build Daemon (murphy) <>  Sun, 05 Sep 2010 01:40:51 +0000

wxwidgets2.6 ( unstable; urgency=low

  * call dh_pycentral when building the .deb, not when installin


Recent Changes for wxPython

wx.lib.pubsub updates from Oliver Schoenborn:
    - the hash problem re non-hashable objects
    - now supports listeners that use *args as an argument
      (listener(*args) was not passing the validity test)
    - corrected some mistakes in documentation
    - added some clarific


This package was debianized by Ron Lee <> on
Sun, 13 Feb 2000 18:40:00 +1030.

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Download python-wxgtk2.6-dbg_2.

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