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Cave surveying - 2D and 3D drawing software

Therion aids the process of drawing up cave surveys (maps). Drawings are done over scans and can be distorted to fit the centreline data. Output is in single sheet or atlas style PDF or SVG files. All data is stored in text files and a map editor (xtherion) is provided to aid in the creation of the files.

Therion can also produce 3D models, generated from walls and passage-heights. Output formats supported are Survex .3d files, VRML, DXF, SVG, shapefiles, and the native .loc and older .thm (therion model). Therion is compatible with Survex, and centreline data can be stored in Survex or Therion form. Centreline data and sketches can be imported from PocketTopo.

TeX and metapost are used to generate the images. libtk-img is needed to use scans in formats other than GIF and PNM (such as PNG and JPEG). Survex will be used for loop-closure if installed, but is not required.

You will need appropriate TeX language packages to process therion files which specify those character sets: Texlive-lang-czechslovak is needed to process the examples, and texlive-lang-cyrillic is also suggested. See README.Debian for details

Package version:5.3.3-1


This is Therion, cave surveying software. 

It produces complete, always up-to-date cave maps. The map is automatically 
updated after loop closure, blunder fix or map symbol set change. 
It's particularly well suitable for documenting large and complicated cave

Therion creates realistic 3D models from 2D maps without quantity of additional
informations. LRUD dimensions are also supporte


Therion for Debian

Therion is cave surveying software. It allows the drawing of cave surveys on
the computer. Data can be added to a drawn plan and it will be realigned to
fit any new closures or fixed points. All the work is done by the Therion
program. The front-end for entering data is Xtherion, which uses Tcl/Tk.

It is the sort of software where you need


THERION(1)                                                THERION(1)

       Therion — program to draw cave surveys

       therion [-q] [-L] [-l log-file]
               [-s source file] [-p search path]
               [-g|-u] [-i] [-d] [-x] [config-file]

       therion [-h|--help]


THERION(1)                                                THERION(1)

       XTherion — Gra


therion (5.3.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

 -- wookey <>


Already done for fu


This is a list of things that should be improved in the packaging of Therion.

Make it cross build -


This package was originally debianised by Wookey <> 
on Tue, 3 Dec 2002. The 0.5 pa

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