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routes and manipulates audio from/to multiple sources

jackEQ is a tool for routing and manipulating audio from/to multiple input/output sources. It runs in the JACK Audio Connection Kit, and uses LADSPA for its backend DSP work, specifically the DJ EQ swh plugin created by Steve Harris, one of jackEQ's main authors.

jackEQ is intended to provide an accessible method for tweaking the treble, mid and bass of any JACK aware applications output. Designed specifically for live performance, it is modelled on various DJ mixing consoles which the main author has used.

jackEQ wll allow sound as rich and powerful as Jackie O, as street smart as Jackie Brown. jackEQ may be the first female entity in JACKs realm. Is jackEQ more than you can handle?

Package version:0.4.1-1


			     JAMin README

jackEQ; Almost as refined as Jackie O allowing one to produce sound just as beautiful and powerful. jackEQ is a JACK Equilisation tool designed primarily for live performance/work. The code is taken primarily from the JAMin project.

 Web site:	<>
 Mailing list:	<>

JackEQ runs under the J


DeMuDi undocumented package(1)        DeMuDi undocumented package(1)

       jackeq — program included in the DeMuDi distribution

       This  program  was packaged by the AGNULA team for the DeMuDi
       project (

       A manual page for this application has not been provided yet.

       info (1), whatis (1), apropos (1), dpkg (8), locate 


jackeq (0.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Free Ekanayaka ]
  * New upstream release
  * Bug fix: "jackeq emits only static from left channel", thanks to Lee
    A. Azzarello (Closes: #356990).
  * Bug fix: "Spelling mistake in package description", thanks to Simon
    Waters (Closes: #363982).
  * New maintener Debian Multimedia Team
  * Fixed watch file
  * Fixed FSF address

 -- Free Ekanayaka


*** TODO - A one file mini-b


This package was debianized by Free Ekanayaka <> on
Fri,  2 Jan 2004 15:17:39 +0100.


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