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a library of FFT-based Pd objects by Ben Saylor

bsaylor is a library of Pure Data objects by Benjamin Saylor:

pvoc~ is a phase vocoder based on Pd's 09.pvoc.pd example patch. Advantages over the abstraction include (reportedly) faster execution, instantaneous response to input, and adjustable phase locking. It requires FFTW3.

susloop~: sample player with various loop methods (ping-pong, ... ) think tracker. svf~ This is a signal-controlled port of Steve Harris' state variable filter LADSPA plugin.

svf~: a signal-controlled port of Steve Harris' state variable filter LADSPA plugin (

zhzhx~: Turns the input signal into a staticky, distorted mess. Comes with tone control

Package version:0.1-2


aenv~ is a asymptotic ADSR envelope generator; The output value approaches the
target values as asymptotes.

partconv~ is an external that implements partitioned fast convolution,
suitable for convolving input signals with long impulse responses for reverbs,
etc.  This release offers much improved performance, as well as independence
of the partition size and your patch's blocksize.  I


pd-bsaylor (0.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Alessio Treglia ]
  * Add Vcs-* tags.

  [ IOhannes m zmölnig ]
  * Makefile-fixes for non-linux (Closes: #609774)

  [ Hans-Christoph Steiner ]
  * updated Build-Depends to use puredata-dev when available
        (Closes: #629703)
  * bumped standards version to 3.9.2

 -- Hans-Christoph Steiner <>  Fri, 10 Jun 2011 12:33:15 -0400



Name: bsaylor
Maintainer: Benjamin Saylor

Files: *
Copyright: 2002-2006, Benjamin R. Saylor
License: GPL-2+

Files: svf~.c
Copyright: 2002-2003, Steve Harris, Ben Saylor
License: GPL-2+

License: GPL-2+
 This package is free software; you can r

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