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SGML converters for the LinuxDoc DTD only.

LinuxDoc is a kind of SGML DTD. It was created for the Linux HOWTOs, and had been used officially by the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). Now LDP has aggressively migrated into the DocBook world, but many documents are still available in LinuxDoc DTD sgml. So users may still need the tool for LinuxDoc, therefore LinuxDoc-Tools was created on the basis of sgml-tools_v1.

The main command is linuxdoc, and -B option is provided to choose the proper backend driver for desired output. linuxdoc -B check: for syntax checking linuxdoc -B html: conversion to html linuxdoc -B info: conversion to info linuxdoc -B latex: conversion to latex, dvi, and postscript linuxdoc -B lyx: conversion to lyx linuxdoc -B rtf: conversion to rtf linuxdoc -B txt: conversion to text

HTML can be generated without any other Debian text processing package, but for the other formats the appropriate packages will have to be installed. - Text conversion requires groff - LaTeX conversion requires tetex-base, tetex-bin, and tetex-extra - Info conversion requires texinfo You can install linuxdoc-tools-text for required dependency of text conversion. linuxdoc-tools-latex and linuxdoc-tools-info are provided for dependencies of latex or info conversion.

This linuxdoc-tools has been designed and implemented only for linuxdoc DTD.

If you wish to convert debiandoc DTD documents, Please install and use debiandoc-sgml package. If you wish to convert docbook DTD documents, Please install and use jade (with or without sgmltools-lite).

Package version:0.9.21-0.5


This directory contains documentation for the system: 
o guide.sgml is the SGML source for the LinuxDoc-Tools User's Guide
o guide.txt is formatted plain ASCII

These are build (and guide.txt is rebuild) during ``make install'':
o guide.dvi is DVI
o is gzipped PostScript
o is in GNU info format
o guide.lyx is LyX format
o html/ contains the HTML version
o rtf/ contains the R


general -- latin1 specific replacements
mapping -- link to ../groff/mapping, this should be the same for both


general -- nippon specific replacements
mapping -- link to ../groff/tr-mapping, this should be the same for both


LINUXDOC(1)                                              LINUXDOC(1)

       linuxdoc - Linux


RTF2RTF(1)                                                RTF2RTF(1)

       rtf2rtf  -  prog


SGML2HTML(1)                                            SGML2HTML(1)

       sgml2html  -  cr


SGML2INFO(1)                                            SGML2INFO(1)

       sgml2info  -  cr


SGML2LATEX(1)                                          SGML2LATEX(1)

       sgml2latex - cre

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Download linuxdoc-tools_0.9.21-0.5_i386.deb

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