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compression program with a very high compression ratio

A compression program that can achieve very high compression ratios and speed when used with large files. It uses the combined compression algorithms of zpaq and lzma for maximum compression, lzo for maximum speed, and the long range redundancy reduction of rzip. It is designed to scale with increases with RAM size, improving compression further. A choice of either size or speed optimizations allows for either better compression than even lzma can provide, or better speed than gzip, but with bzip2 sized compression levels.
Package version:0.45-1


lrzip-0.41 update

Files created with lrzip 0.41 and selecting the -z option for
ZPAQ compression are not backwardly compatible.

lrzip-0.40 update!

FILES CREATED WITH LRZIP 0.40+ are not backward compatible with
versions prior to 0.40. The file format was completely changed
to 64bit addressing throughout to allow massive compression windows
on massive files. v0.40+ will detect older version file


These are benchmarks performed on a 3GHz quad core Intel Core2 with 8GB ram
using lrzip v0.42.

The first comparison is that of a linux kernel tarball (2.6.31). In all cases
the default options were used. 3 other common compression apps were used for
comparison, 7z which is an excellent all-round lzma based compression app,
gzip which is the benchmark fast standard that has good compression, and b


lrzip v0.45

Long Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP

This is a compression program optimised for large files. The larger the file
and the more memory you have, the better the compression advantage this will
provide, especially once the files are larger than 100MB. The advantage can
be chosen to be either size (much smaller than bzip2) or speed (much faster
than bzip2).

Quick lowdown of the most used option


An explanation of the revised lzo_compresses function in stream.c.

The modifications to the lrzip p



This is an updated LZMA library wrapper provided with SDK 4.63.
The SDK is available h


README for Memory Allocation Debugging

If it is necessary or desired to debug the memory allocation


lrunzip(1)                      Lrzip                     lrunzip(1)

       lrunzip - Uncomp


lrzip(1)                                                    lrzip(1)

       lrzip - a large-

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