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SELinux policy generation scripts

This package contains a collection of scripts and tools developed by the MITRE corporation to automate the SELinux policy generation process. However, the sources have been modified from the original; documents under a non-free license have been split off into a non-free package. Only the free binaries distributed under the GPL are in this package.

Security-enhanced Linux is a patch of the Linux kernel and a number of utilities with enhanced security functionality designed to add mandatory access controls to Linux. The Security-enhanced Linux kernel contains new architectural components originally developed to improve the security of the Flask operating system. These architectural components provide general support for the enforcement of many kinds of mandatory access control policies, including those based on the concepts of Type Enforcement, Role-based Access Control, and Multi-level Security.

Package version:1.3-5


polgen is a collection of scripts and tools developed by the MITRE
corporation to automate the SELinux policy generation process. Bug
reports, suggestions, and requests should be sent to 

Generic GNU installation instructions for this package are available
in the INSTALL file. polgen-specific documentation is available in
both HTML and info form within the doc/subdi


POLGEN NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.
Copyright (C) 2004 The MITRE Corporation
See the end for copying conditions.

* Initial release.
Copyright information:

Copyright (C) 2004 The MITRE Corporation

   Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute verbatim copies
   of this document as received, in any m


strace2tsv(1)                                          strace2tsv(1)

       strace2tsv - Formats strace output as tab separated values

       strace2tsv [-o OUTPUT] [-v] [-h] [INPUT]

       The  strace  program generates a line of text describing each
       system call made by processes it is tracing.  The  output  is
       designed to be human readable, but it is 


polgen-dfsg (1.3-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Record the fact that this package has moved to a new 


2006-02-23  John D. Ramsdell  <>

	* src/patterns/ (BUILT_RECOGS): Reco


The team working on polgen contains:

  Shaddin Doghmi
  Dave Harris
  Amy Herzog
  Owen Landgren


This is the Debian packe for polgen, and it is built from sources
obtained from: http://www.mitre.or

Browse inside polgen_1.3-5_i386.deb

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Download polgen_1.3-5_i386.deb

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