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GTK+ input method module with SCIM as backend

SCIM (Smart Common Input Method) is an input method (IM) platform.

This package is the GTK+ native input method module for SCIM. It provides a GTK+ IM module for version 2 and 3 of GTK with SCIM as the input backend. This input method module should work within all GTK+ platforms, including gtk-x11, gtk-linuxfb and gtk-directfb.

The GTK+ IM module communicates with SCIM backend through the socket IM engine module and socket front end module provided by scim-modules-socket package.

For more information about SCIM, please see the description of scim package.

Package version:1.4.13-5


scim (1.4.13-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * libscim-dev: depend on libgtk-3-dev. Closes: #676790

 -- Rolf Leggewie <>  Tue, 12 Jun 2012 10:42:11 +0800

scim (1.4.13-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/rules:
    - empty dependency_libs field in all *.la files below /usr/lib.
    - adjust paths in .la files for multi-arch. Closes: #675688
    - add -fpermissive to CXXFLAGS as


2012-03-30  gettextize  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add m4/ChangeLog.

2009-11-25 14:09  paxerit

	* Integrated patch that fixed a focusing bug that has been reported
	 on both the ubuntu and redhat bugtrackers
	* Added panel-controller functionality. it is now possible to 
	 programmatically change the selected IM via a socket connection
	 to the panel. For a possible 


This package was debianized by Anthony Fok <> on Sat,
05 Apr 2003 23:38:30 +0800.  The current package maintainer is Rolf
Leggewie <> and Tz-Huan Huang <>
is the co-maintainer.

The upstream release was downloaded from:

Upstream Home Page:
Upstream Authors:  James Su 

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