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Create random ads, quotes and redirects

This module creates randomized content for you website -- random quotes for your scripts, randomly chosen files and redirects to random URLs. It's most useful for inserting various ads.
Package version:1.4-8.1


So what is this? 
Mod_random has three basic functions. It can supply
a random URL which can be usd to redirect to
random sites, it can also supply text via
environmental variable, and finally it can
display entire pages via its built in handlers. 
Read the faq for more examples and information.

An example config for your httpd.conf
file to use the random URL would look like this:
<Location /geek


   <TITLE>Now whom do we write to congress about?</TITLE>
<BODY TEXT="#000000" BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" link="#006666" vlink="#000000">

<BR>		<A HREF="#_1_1">So what is Mod Random?</A></BR>
<BR>		<A HREF="#_1_2">Where do I get it from?</A></BR>
<BR>		<A HREF="#_1_3">What sort of license does it have?</A></BR>
<BR>		<A HREF="#_1_4">How can I make suggestions for it?</A


libapache-mod-random (1.4-8.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * NMU
  * replace build-dependency libdb4.1-dev by libdb4.2-dev (closes: #244791)

 -- Pierre Machard <>  Sun, 18 Jul 2004 02:49:37 +0200

libapache-mod-random (1.4-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed .info file (listed wrong path)
  * Updated for new config file layout of apache 1.3.28
  * Added support for apache-perl


* Sat Mar 17 23:51:14 PST 2001 
Pretty much rewritten. Ad system has been improved
and support for h


* Add weighting system


This package was debianized by Pawel Wiecek <> on
Sat, 23 Jun 2001 21:42:00 +0200.


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