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Apache 2 modules for a WebAuth authentication KDC

WebAuth is a cookie-based web authentication system built on top of Kerberos. It relies on a central authentication server that handles all user authentication for a domain and creates user authentication credentials for any web server that needs strong authentication.

This package contains the Apache 2 module for the central authentication server for a particular site. Only one such server is needed; all web servers that use WebAuth will talk to this server to obtain and verify authentication credentials.


Package version:3.5.3-2


WebAuth WebKDC for Debian

This package contains the Apache 2.x module for the central WebAuth
WebKDC.  Only one server (or one pool of load-balanced servers) at a given
site need to run this module.  On the server that you install this module,
you should also install the webauth-weblogin package and follow its
installation instructions.  The documentation for it has addi


                          WebAuth release 3.5.3
                  (site-wide web authentication system)

  Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Board of Trustees, Leland
  Stanford Jr.  University.  This software is distributed under an
  MIT-style license.  Please see the section LICENSE below for terms of
  use and redistribution.

  For release history and user-visible changes, see the file N


libapache2-webkdc (3.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  S/Ident support has been removed from WebAuth due to the discovery of a
  protocol flaw that allows active man-in-the-middle attacks.  WebAuth is
  particularly vulnerable to such an attack because all WebAuth users
  regularly go to the central weblogin server and exploiting this
  vulerability would have allowed capture of a single sign-on coo


                       User-Visible WebAuth Changes

WebAuth 3.5.3 (2006-09-12)

 *) Add the connect


webauth (3.5.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuild for Apache 2.2.
    - Add versioned build depen


                          WebAuth Change History

WebAuth 3.5.3 (2006-09-12)

 *) Add the connection


                            WebAuth To-Do List

 *) Currently, there is no good logout strategy othe


Packaged for Debian by Russ Allbery <>            2004-06-23

It was downloaded from:


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