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drug-dealing game set in streets of New York City

UNIX rewrite of the MS-DOS program of the same name, which in turn was inspired by John E. Dell's "Drug Wars" game. You have one month to buy and sell drugs on the streets of New York, the aim being first to pay off your debt to the loan shark and then to make a fortune. And if you have to shoot a few cops in the process, well... The game includes TCP networking allowing you to meet (and shoot) other human drug dealers.
Package version:1.5.12-13


Sound effects

In order to have sound effects in Dopewars, you must have the Enlightened Sound Daemon
("esound package) installed and running.

GNOME users can have the daemon automatically started when they log in (see the relevant
option in the GNOME control panel under "Sound").

Alternatively, running the "esd" command before starting dopewars should also work.

 -- Francois Mari


This is dopewars 1.5.12, a game simulating the life of a drug dealer in 
New York. The aim of the game is to make lots and lots of money...
unfortunately, you start the game with a hefty debt, accumulating interest,
and the cops take a rather dim view of drug dealing...

These are brief instructions; see the HTML documentation for full information.

dopewars 1.5.12 servers should handle clients as


30th December 2005
     dopewars-1.5.12 released. This really fixes the potential exploit against
the Windows server, which was not correctly fixed in 1.5.11.

30th December 2005
     dopewars-1.5.11 released. This is largely a security bugfix release,
fixing a potential exploit against the Windows server when running as an
NT serivce.

24th October 2004
     dopewars-1.5.10 released. This is larg


DOPEWARS(6)                                              DOPEWARS(6)

       dopewars - drug 


dopewars (1.5.12-13) unstable; urgency=low

  * Created quilt patches for locally changed files and 


1.5.12  30-12-2005
    - Really fix a potential exploit against the Win32 server when running as


dopewars is derived from the MS-DOS game of the same name (author unknown).

This is turn was based 


This package was debianized by Shane Wegner <> on
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 22:35:06 -0800.

It wa

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