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GNU R package implementing the random forest classificator

RandomForest implements Breiman’s random forest algorithm (based on Breiman and Cutler’s original Fortran code) for classification and regression. It can also be used in unsupervised mode for assessing proximities among data points.

The technique uses multiple decision trees and combines their individual votes.

Package version:4.5-34-1


Notes on how this package is tested.

After building on the maintainer's computer, this package was locally installed
and the library loaded into R in order to confirm its integrity.

 -- Charles Plessy <>  Wed, 24 Mar 2010 12:49:09 +0900


Wishlist (formerly TODO):

* Implement the new scheme of handling classwt in classification.

* Allow categorical predictors with more than 32 categories.

* Use more compact storage of proximity matrix.

* Allow case weights by using the weights in sampling?

Changes in 4.5-34:

* Fixed infinite loop when randomForest() is c


r-cran-randomforest (4.5-34-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Incremented Standards-Version (debian/control) to reflect compliance
    with Policy 3.8.4.
  * Depend on a version equal or superior than the R upstream release that
    was used to build this package, using a R:Depends substvar
    (debian/control, debian/rules).
  * Added notes to explain how this package is tes


Name: randomForest
Contact: Andy Liaw <>

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