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DDS (DirectDraw Surface) plugin for the gimp

gimp-dds is a plugin for the gimp that lets you manipulate Microsoft DirectDraw surfaces. These kind of files are widely used in 3D games for textures and the like.
Package version:2.0.9-3


DDS plugin for The GIMP
(C) 2004-2008 Shawn Kirst <>,
with parts (C) 2003 Arne Reuter <> where specified.

This is a plugin for GIMP version 2.4.x. It allows you to load and save
images in Direct Draw Surface (DDS) format.

* Load/Save DDS files using DXT texture


The following notes are from an email I received from Fabian 'ryg' Giesen. They
should help answer some questions regarding the code found in dxt.c


mul8bit: This formula is equivalent to (a*b)/255 for a fairly large set of
values (didn't bother finding out the exact bounds). It's a fairly well-known
trick also used in other parts of the GIMP codebase (among others) and was
first documented b


gimp-dds (2.0.9-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update to the new home for gimp-dds
  * Added a watchfile now it is possible
  * Already conforms to standards 3.9.0

 -- Vincent Fourmond <>  Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:30:51 +0200

gimp-dds (2.0.9-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Modify debian/rules to use Makefile.linux on all arches, to avoid
    FTBSes on the non-linux arches (closes: 573


This package was debianized by Vincent Fourmond <> on
Thu Apr 17 20:23:44 CEST 20

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