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Utility to calculate long and short path to a location

Gcb computes long and short path given the latitude and longitude (degrees and minutes). You must input the lat/long of the two stations. The output will then be relative from station1 to station2.

Gcb is used by hamradio operators as a tool for pointing the antenna in the right direction, either by using the short (daylight) propagation path or using the long path, which is almost always via the dark side of the earth.

Gcb believes the earth to be a perfect circle, which means there will be small calculation errors.

Package version:1:1.07-3


I used this program a lot to give me a quick and dirty
bearing and range to a location.  It is command-line
oriented, and very easy to remember syntax.

This version builds on the last version by incorporating
the information in the ARRL Satellite Experimenters Handbook.
Particularly the short path, long path, and antipodal data.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time.

Steve S


gcb for Debian
Gcb is a misleading name, it has nothing to do with great circles, as 
you will find out shortly.

The short radio path between 2 radio stations is a curve along the globe 
drawn using the earth's center as a midpoint. Short paths are not only 
the shortest route, propagation via this path will most commonly take 
place in daylight.

The long path is simply the radio 


GCB(1)                                                        GCB(1)

       gcb - calcule un long et un court chemin pour un emplacement

       gcb units station1 station2

       Gcb  calcule la distance d'un long/court chemin et renvoie la
       latitude et la longitude (en  degr├ęs  et  en  minutes).  Vous
       devez  donner  les latitudes/longitudes des deux sta


GCB(1)                                                        GCB(1)

       gcb - calculate 


gcb (1:1.07-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Retiring - set the package maintainer to Debian QA Group.



This package was debianized by Joop Stakenborg on
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 21:09:57 +0100.

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