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The Squeak Smalltalk System (virtual machine)

Squeak is a full-featured implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and environment based on (and largely compatible with) the original Smalltalk-80 system.

This package contains just the Squeak virtual machine. If you are new to Squeak then you will have to install a Squeak image too before you can run Squeak. Squeak images can be downloaded from, or

Package version:1:


If you plan on contributing code or submitting patches to fix bugs
then PLEASE adhere to the following coding conventions.  Doing so
makes my life easier (since I *will* reformat myself any code that
doesn't conform) and makes your code much more likely to be accepted
(since any code that is difficult to read because of formatting
problems simply won't get read, and if I haven't read it then it is


By default the newer VMs implement the "traditional" Unix VM

    Squeak		X11
    ------		---
    shift		Shift ^ Lock
    ctrl		Control
    command		Mod1
    option		Mod1 & Control

For keyboards that have more than one modifier key (Apple, Sun, etc.)
a more Macintosh Squeak-like behaviour is possible by specifying which
modifier keys should map to Option and Command, either on the comm


0.	Contents

  1.	VM options relating to sound
  2.	Configuring sound support in Squeak
  3.	Sound system-specific notes
  3.1.		Open Sound System
  3.1.1			Possible Problems with OSS
  3.2.		Network Audio System
  3.3.		SunOS/Solaris
  4.	The future of Squeak sound on Unix

1.	VM options relating to sound

Squeak includes primitives to modify the recording


SQUEAK(1)                                                  SQUEAK(1)

       squeak - Unix Sq


squeak-vm (1: unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix error in debian/rules

 -- José L. Redrej


2010-04-13  Ian Piumarta  <com -dot- gmail -at- piumarta (backwards)>

	* doc/RELEASE_NOTES_4.0.3.22


This package was debianized by José L. Redrejo Rodríguez <> on
Sun, 17 Feb 2008

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