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Credential Validation Modules (development files, documentation)

CVM is a framework for validating a set of credentials against a database using a filter program. The modules act as a filter, taking a set of credentials as input and writing a set of facts as output if those credentials are valid. Optional input is given to the module through environment variables.

Some of the ideas for CVM came from experience with PAM (pluggable authentication modules), the checkpassword interface used by qmail-pop3d, and the "authmod" interface used by Courier IMAP and POP3. This framework places fewer restrictions on the invoking client than checkpassword does, and is much simpler to implement on both sides than PAM and the authmod framework.

See for more information.

Package version:0.96-1+b1


Credential Validation Modules
Bruce Guenter <>
Version 0.96

This package contains:
- The reference source for the CVM interface.
- Diagnostic and benchmark CVM clients.
- A checkpassword interface CVM client.
- A UNIX/POSIX system module (uses getpwnam).
- A flat-file module.
- A vmailmgr module.
- MySQL, PgSQL, and SQLite modules.
- A library for client writers


libcvm-dev for Debian

Static and shared libraries as provided by upstream are installed in
/usr/lib/.  Header files are available through /usr/include/cvm/, and
technical documentation can be found in /usr/share/doc/libcvm?-dev/.

See the cvm package for ready-to-use cvm modules.

 -- Gerrit Pape <>, Thu, 17 Apr 2003 00:10:12 +0200


Changes in version 0.96

- Added support for checking permissions in cvm-qmail.  See discussion
  of $CVM_QMAIL_CHECK_PERMS in cvm-qmail.html

- Added support for I/O timeouts for cvm-local modules.

- Fixed the SQLite module to copy the row data.

- Fixed cvm-qmail dieing if control/locals is missing.

Development of 


cvm (0.96-1+b1) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for ia64; no source changes.


commit 3d2afb2a50701a07b7afb412f028b65534070a63
Author: Bruce Guenter <>


- Add a CVM suitable for anonymous FTP

- v1client dies if domain is NULL in cvm_client_authenticate


This package was debianized by Gerrit Pape <> on
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:34:09 +0100.


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