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Configuration file parser library - development files

dot.conf is a simple-to-use and powerful configuration-file parser library written in C. The configuration files created for dot.conf look very similar to those used by the Apache Webserver. Even Container-Directives known from httpd.conf can easily be used in the exact same manner as for Apache-Modules. It supports various types of arguments, dynamically loadable modules that create their own configuration options on-the-fly, a here-documents feature to pass very long ARG_STR data to your app, and on-the-fly inclusion of additional config files.

This package contains the development files necessary to build programs using the dotconf library.

Package version:1.0.13-3


dot.conf v1.0.9

please refer to the API documentation in the doc/ directory of the
distribution. for several examples take a look at the pieces in examples/

The new version has a bunch of new features which will simply be
enumerated below. For the API the doc/dotconf-api.txt

| Extended P


these example rely on dot.conf and libpool being already installed
on your system - otherwise you'll probably have to fiddle around
with the makefiles.

to build, simply cd into the example's directory and type
$ make

for everything that remains unclear you may consult the documentation,
or contact me at    <>

the duplicates/ example has been provided by Joost Remijn to show what


see ChangeLog


DOTCONF-CONFIG(1)           User Commands          DOTCONF-CONFIG(1)

       dotconf-config -


dotconf (1.0.13-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Correctly make use of realloc, to prevent applications


[2003 06 25] [v1.0.13]
    - James Cassidy sent in a little patch to add a 'pkg-config' file
    - B


This package was debianized by Shane Wegner <> on
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:50:36 -0800.

It wa

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