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high-performance event loop library modelled after libevent

libev provides a full-featured and high-performance event loop that is loosely modelled after libevent. It includes relative timers, absolute timers with customized rescheduling, synchronous signals, process status change events, event watchers dealing with the event loop itself, file watchers, and even limited support for fork events. It uses a priority queue to manage timers and uses arrays as fundamental data structure. It has no artificial limitations on the number of watchers waiting for the same event.

libev supports select, poll, epoll, kqueue, and inotify.

Package version:1:4.11-1


libev (1:4.11-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. (Closes: #657080)
  * Taking over package maintenance. Adding DM-Upload-Allowed: yes.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2
  * Removed patch applied to master branch, applied upstream. (Closes: #643186)
  * debian/rules: remove unneeded overrides :
    + Makefile has a rule for ev.3: ev.pod and calls pod2man when needed.
    + Use dh


Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.

TODO: ev_loop_wakeup
TODO: EV_STANDALONE == NO_HASSEL (do not use clock_gettime in ev_standalone)

4.11 Sat Feb  4 19:52:39 CET 2012
	- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: ev_timer_again now clears the pending status, as
          was documented already, but not implemented in the repeating case.
        - new compiletime symbols: EV_N



Files: *
Copyright: 2007,2008,2009 Marc Alexander Lehmann <>
License: BSD-2-clause or GPL-2+
 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
 modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
     * Redistributions of sour

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