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3-manifold topology software with normal surface support

Regina is a suite of mathematical software for 3-manifold topologists. It focuses upon the study of 3-manifold triangulations and includes support for normal surfaces and angle structures.

Highlights of Regina include triangulation analysis and simplification, census creation and normal surface enumeration. It offers embedded Python scripting giving full access to the calculation engine.

This package includes the KDE user interface and the command-line Python interface, as well as the users' handbook. For the Python reference (i.e., the API documentation for the Regina calculation engine), see the package regina-normal-doc.

Components of Regina that are designed to run on clusters are no longer shipped in this package. They can now be found in the separate package regina-normal-mpi.

Package version:4.6-1.1+b2


Regina for Debian

Two main binaries are provided with Regina:

- /usr/bin/regina-kde, which starts the KDE user interface;
- /usr/bin/regina-python, which starts a command-line Python session.

Several other specialised binaries are also provided; see the users'
handbook for details.

The users' handbook is provided with this package and can be viewed in
the KDE Help Centre, or 


Regina Census and Sample File Directory

This directory contains a number of censuses of triangulations of
different types.  Each census data file includes a text packet
containing a full description of the census including its origin.

Also within this directory is a number of sample files that illustrate how
Regina can be used.  A good starting point is sa


Regina Raw Signature Directory

This directory contains a census of splitting surface signatures as
generated by Regina.  For space considerations only signatures of order
at most 7 are included.

Note that the directory above this includes topology data files
containing the enclosing triangulations of signatures from this census
satisfying various constraints.



Regina Icons Directory

This directory contains a set of icons that you may u


Regina Python Library Directory

This directory contains various pre


Regina Scripts Directory

This directory contains script components used by


REGCONCAT(1)            Specialised Utilities           REGCONCAT(1)

       regconcat - Comb


REGCONVERT(1)           Specialised Utilities          REGCONVERT(1)

       regconvert - Con

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