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Collection of Pidgin plugins

Plugin pack is a collection of many simple-yet-useful plugins for Pidgin. A brief description of each is below. For more information about an individual plugin, please see

/exec: execute commands and optionally send their output in an IM/chat window.

AutoProfile: user profile and status message content generator.

Album: archives all buddy icons for all buddies in the user's buddy list.

Auto Reply: auto-replies on any protocol, also can be specific to each buddy. provides links to random or select quotes on and

Buddy List Options: options to hide buddy list on creation and hide menu in it.

Colorize: colorizes outgoing message text.

Conversation Badge: shows the protocol icon in the conversation menu tray.

DeWYSIWYGification: allows user to type in HTML without it being rendered.

Dice: simulates the rolling of dice.

DiffTopic: shows changes when the topic is changed in a chatroom.

Magic 8 Ball: shows random expressions from a Magic 8 Ball toy.

Enhanced History: an enhanced version of the history plugin.

Flip: flips a coin and shows the result in the current conversation.

gRIM: annoy your buddies with a timed series of messages.

Google: writes the results of an "I'm feeling lucky" search to a conversation.

Group IM: send an IM to a group of buddies

Highlight: adds support for highlighting user specified words.

Ignore: ignore either all or just chat communication from a specific person.

InfoPane: use different views for the "details" information in conversations.

IRC Helper: Handles the rough edges of the IRC protocol.

IRC More: adds a couple options to the IRC protocol: - Customized default quit/part messages. - A CTCP version reply.

Irssi Features: implements many features of irssi: - day change notifications - /window, /layout, /lastlog commands - auto-text formatting

List Handler: import and export buddy lists in various formats.

Chat User List Logging: logs the list of users in a chat when you join.

My Status Box: per-account status selectors with other features.

Napster: NAPSTER Protocol Plugin.

Nick Said: to jump to where your name or other words were said in a chat.

Old Logger: stores buddy logs in flat files (legacy format).

Plonkers: announce your ignore list to a chat room and other privacy features.

Purple Schedule: Schedule reminders at specific times.

Separate and Tab: adds two new window positioning methods.

Sim Fix: fixes messages received from buddies using broken SIM clients.

Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP): allows sending to pager servers (like sendpage or qpage) via SNPP.

Message Splitter: splits sent messages into smaller ones of a specified size.

SSL Info: adds a menu item to display info about the SSL plugin in use.

Switch Spell: allows changing the spell-check language for each conversation.

Timelog: view Pidgin logs that fall within specific time ranges.

XChat Chats: makes Pidgin use XChat's indented view.

XMPP Priority: Adds account options that allow users to specify the priorities used for available and away for XMPP accounts.

Package version:2.6.3-1


The Purple Plugin Pack was originally created by Gary Kramlich and Stu
Tomlinson as a way to distribute their ever growing lists of simple Pidgin
plugins. It has since grown from its origins of about 6 plugins to over 50.

Also, many more developers have continued to add to it, including John Bailey,
Peter Lawler, Sadrul Habib Chowdhury, Richard Laager, and Paul Aurich.  It has
also become a place


purple-plugin-pack for Debian

Not all of the plugins that are distributed in this source package are built by
default due to the likelyhood of abuse. Enabling them for a rebuild is fairly
simple and left as an exercise for the reader.

 -- Benjamin Seidenberg <>, Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:37:45 -0400


Purple Plugin Pack

The news entries below are provided simply because it was a first release.  Please
see the ChangeLog and our website for current news, changes, etc.

1.0beta (12/16/05):
	John:  Well, this is our first release of the Plugin Pack.  Some of the
	plugins are useful, some are pointless, and some are for annoying buddies.
	We've put a lot of work into some of these plugins, and just


purple-plugin-pack (2.6.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer. (Closes: #566593)
  * New up


Version 2.6.3: 03/28/10
	* Add support for Spidernet to IRC Helper plugin.
	* IRC Helper now support


Gary Kramlich <>
Stu Tomlinson <>
Peter Lawler 


Name: Purple

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