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An advanced ircII-based IRC client

ScrollZ is advanced IRC client based on ircII code. It adds features normally found in ircII scripts like Toolz, PhoEniX, GargOyle or Lice.

The main difference between these scripts and ScrollZ is the code. Where ircII scripts take a lot of disk and memory space and run slow, ScrollZ only takes a couple of extra kilobytes compared to stock ircII client yet runs faster than any ircII script. This was accomplished by using C code instead of ircII scripting language. This reduces memory and CPU usage and code tends to run way faster.

Package version:2.1-1


$Id: README,v 1998-09-10 17:31:12 f Exp $

please read the NEWS file to find out what is new in this
version of ircii, and the INSTALL file to find out how to
compile and install this version of ircii.

this is a proper release of ircii.  it has bugs (ircii always
has bugs).  feel free to send me context diffs to fix them,
or at least a sequence of actions to show the bug.  run the


ScrollZ for Debian

Note that the upstream default for ScrollZ's scripts, helpfiles, etc.
is /usr/lib/scrollz. This has been changed to /usr/share/scrollz in
the Debian package.

As of version, colors no longer work correctly in
INPUT_PROMPT. This is, per upstream, the result of changes in the ircII
source to support UTF-8.

 -- Mike Markley <>, Tue, 24 


$Id: README.ScrollZ,v 1.16 2009-09-03 16:26:55 f Exp $

This is the readme file for ScrollZ IRC client.
ScrollZ is copyright (C) 1995-2005 by Flier (
Please read the COPYRIGHT file for licensing information.

For list of changes please see the ChangeLog.ScrollZ file.

For the installation instructions please read the INSTALL.ScrollZ
file in doc directory. ScrollZ tutorial can be


@(#)$eterna: NEWS,v 1.48 2002/03/10 10:17:38 mrg Exp $

Changes since ircII 20011210:

  o  fixes fo


SCROLLZ(1)                                                SCROLLZ(1)

       ScrollZ - An adv


 * ChangeLog: Dealing with the actual changes of code in ircII, leaving
 * UPDATES for actual use


scrollz (2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Dropped ignore patch (integrate


This is ScrollZ IRC client changelog

Meaning of flags:
+ = new stuff
! = fixed stuff
- = removed st

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Download scrollz_2.1-1_ia64.deb

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