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Clone of the Unix SCCS revision-control system

SCCS is a per-file revision-control system. It is a de-facto standard on commercial Unices, being shipped with most of those.

GNU-based systems usually use RCS instead of SCCS - indeed it has been a choice to design RCS instead of implementing a free SCCS clone. RCS was designed to address some problems with SCCS (eg. extraction time grows linearly with the size of the history file), but it has anyway problems of its own (eg. extraction time of branches grows with trunk length).

Some project-wide revision-control systems, like Aegis, can make use of CSSC instead of RCS.

This package also provides a web frontend to navigate the history of files under SCCS control, with optional support for formatting of manpages using groff.

Package version:1.2.0-2


Today, none of the (x)emacs packages in Debian know about the CSSC
directory.  Hopefully this will change.

For now, to have (x)emacs' vc mode find the commands, you should add
the /usr/lib/cssc directory into you vc-path variable.  One easy way
to do that is with:

M-x customize-variable RET vc-path RET

Yann Dirson <>, 23 Nov 2000


This is the README file for GNU CSSC, a workalike for the source code
control system SCCS.  It is based on the MySC package by Ross Ridge.

Although this is a full public release of CSSC, there are features of
the SCCS suite which are not fully implemented.  The most important of
these is excluded deltas.

Specific information about compiling CSSC on particular platforms is
provided in the file "d


New in CSSC-1.2.0, 2009-04-11

	* This stable release is almost identical to the 1.1.1 test
          release; there are no functional changes.

New in CSSC-1.1.1, 2008-01-18

	* Updated the NEWS file to give estimated release dates 
	  and user-visible changes for ancient releases.

	* The -l and -L options of "get" are now implemented.

	* If you use "admin -dlX" to unlock release X, but all


SCCS(1)              BSD General Commands Manual             SCCS(1)

     sccs — front end f


1997-12-26  James Youngman  <>

	* testutils/ Minor corrections to a comment.


cssc (1.2.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Force removal of info/dir in case gnu install-info is inst


2009-04-11  James Youngman  <>

	*, NEWS: Prepare for release of version 1.2


This file is mostly obsolete.  One day I will go through it and remove
the tasks that have been done

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