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integrated development environment for C and Ada

GNAT Programming Studio is a complete integrated development environment that gives access to a wide range of tools and integrates them smoothly.

GPS gives access to built-in file editing; HTML based help system; complete compile/build/run cycle; intelligent source navigation; project management; general graph technology giving access to many different browsers such as source dependency, project dependency, call graphs, etc.; fully integrated visual debugger, based on the GVD technology, and enhanced for inclusion in GPS; generic version control system, providing access to CVS, ClearCase, and possibly others in the future; many other tools such as a visual comparison, automatic generation of files, source reformatting.

GPS is fully customizable, providing several levels of customizations: a first level, available through the preferences dialog; a second level, which allows you to customize your menu items, tool bar and key bindings; a third level, which allows you to automate processing through scripts; and a fourth level, which allows any kind of very specific or tight integration, due to the open nature of GPS, and to its architecture.

GPS also integrates with existing editors such as Emacs and Vi.

Package version:5.0-13


GNAT-GPS(1)               GPS User's Guide               GNAT-GPS(1)

       gnat-gps - The GNAT Programming System


       GPS,  the  GNAT  Programming  System,  is a cutting-edge Free
       Software IDE that streamlines the interaction between  develā€
       opers  and  their software. With its intuitive interface, GPS
       is easy to use, simpli


gnat-gps (5.0-13) unstable; urgency=low

  * Avoid symlinking documentation directories (Closes: #684194).

 -- Nicolas Boulenguez <>  Thu, 16 Aug 2012 12:40:48 +0200

gnat-gps (5.0-12) unstable; urgency=low

  [Nicolas Boulenguez]
  * debian/patches/gprconfig.patch: new.  Properly handle the exception
    signalling that gprconfig is absent from the $PATH.  Closes: #6822


* Bugs to solve

** No GNAT switches in the project editor (#596385 reintroduced)

   The Switches > Ada tab of the project editor (Project > Edit
   Project Properties) should contain check boxes and option menus for
   the GNAT switches.  In gnat-gps 4.3 these are defined in
   /usr/share/gps/plug-ins/ but in 5.0 they are now
   generated at run time by parsing the output of "gnat 


Upstream-Name: GNAT Progra

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