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user friendly full screen text editor

Joe, the Joe's Own Editor, has the feel of most PC text editors: the key sequences are reminiscent of WordStar and Turbo C editors, but the feature set is much larger than of those. Joe has all of the features a Unix user should expect: full use of termcap/terminfo, complete VI-style Unix integration, a powerful configuration file, and regular expression search system. It also has eight help reference cards which are always available, and an intuitive, simple, and well thought-out user interface.

Joe has a great screen update optimisation algorithm, multiple windows (through/between which you can scroll) and lacks the confusing notion of named buffers. It has command history, TAB expansion in file selection menus, undo and redo functions, (un)indenting and paragraph formatting, filtering highlighted blocks through any external Unix command, editing a pipe into or out of a command, and block move, copy, delete or filter.

Through simple QEdit-style configuration files, Joe can be set up to emulate editors such as Pico and Emacs, along with a complete imitation of WordStar, and a restricted mode version (lets you edit only the files specified on the command line). Joe also has a deferred screen update to handle typeahead, and it ensures that deferral is not bypassed by tty buffering. It's usable even at 2400 baud, and it will work on any kind of sane terminal. Furthermore, it supports SELinux context copying on Debian systems with the Linux kernel.

This version of JOE only comes with the Jupp flavour, to not conflict with the Debian joe package, activated. The resource files and executable links and menu entries for the other flavours are still available, though, in the joe-jupp package.

Package version:3.1.21-1


This is Joe's Own Editor.  See the INFO file if you don't know what this is.

Installation procedure

  Joe uses automake and autoconf suites to build itself. Type:


At this point you can try JOE without fully installing it by typing "./joe".
However, you need to copy a few files into your home directory first:

	# This is require


JOE(1)                                                        JOE(1)

       joe - Joe's Own Editor

       joe [global-options] [ [local-options] filename ]...

       jstar [global-options] [ [local-options] filename ]...

       jmacs [global-options] [ [local-options] filename ]...

       rjoe [global-options] [ [local-options] filename ]...

       jpico [global-options] [ [loc


jupp (3.1.21-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release “with omalloc, this would not have happened”
    - critical bugfixes wrt. uninitialised memory and buffer underflow
      (reported crash on wheezy/i386 by a user)
    - uses automake version fixing CVE-2012-3386
  * Small improvements to package description and d/rules comments

 -- Thorsten Glaser <>  Wed, 18 Jul 


$MirOS: contrib/code/jupp/NEWS,v 1.50 2012/07/18 17:09:59 tg Exp $


This package was debianised by Thorsten Glaser <> on
Wed Sep 16 12:17:14 UTC 2009 based 

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Download jupp_3.1.21-1_kfreebsd-amd64.deb

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