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a portable interpreter for SCI games like Space Quest 3

FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space Quest series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels).

FreeSCI is still incomplete. You should be able to finish some SCI games with it, though. This release has the following limitations (plus some bugs): - Only SCI0 games are supported (later versions are being worked on separately in the experimental "glutton" branch) - The SCI debug functions aren't fully supported (and probably never will be, since we're using our own debug functions)

It has the following improvements over Sierra SCI: - Support for various filters and extended drawing operations for graphics - saving and restoring the game state is possible from more places than the Sierra SCI engine allowed (using the debugger functions) - Better debugger - More portable - It's Free software :-)

Package version:0.6.4-7


freesci for Debian

To use this package, you will need the data files of a SCI (DOS) game,
such as SpaceQuest 3 or one of the free games out there.

 -- Bas Zoetekouw <>, Thu,  1 Jun 2000 20:21:35 +0200


   			* * *  W A R N I N G  * * * 

   This is an unstable, experimental development release of FreeSCI. You will
   most likely NOT be able to finish any games with it. If you just want to
   play SCI games (as opposed to aid development), please use the stable
   release instead.

Thanks for downloading this development release of FreeSCI!

FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI game


FreeSCI 0.6.4 is largely a bugfix release, addressing many constraints
that prevented SCI0 games from being beatable.  We also added audio
support for MIDI devices on newer versions of AmigaOS, and for General
MIDI on all systems.  Finally, we replaced some code of unknown origin
in our SetJump routine by a definitive clean-room re-implementation.

-- 0.6.3 --

The unstable release series conti


FREESCI-SETUP(6)                                    FREESCI-SETUP(6)

       freesci-setup  -


FreeSCI tools(6)               FreeSCI              FreeSCI tools(6)

       scidisasm  -  Di


freesci(6)                     FreeSCI                    freesci(6)

       freesci - free i


freesci (0.6.4-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix multiple definition of \ifpdf in docs 


2008-05-16  Christoph Reichenbach  <>

	* src/engine/vm.c (run_vm): Eliminated 

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