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compression library - 32 bit runtime

zlib is a library implementing the deflate compression method found in gzip and PKZIP. This package includes a 32 bit version of the shared library.
Package version:1:


zlib (1: unstable; urgency=low

  * Only check for EOF on transparent streams if we have done a zero
    byte read to avoid reporting EOF early to applications.  This was
    breaking R.

 -- Mark Brown <>  Mon, 28 Dec 2009 19:00:35 +0000

zlib (1: unstable; urgency=low

  * Revert explict EOF indication to avoid triggering an infinite loop
    in ma


                ChangeLog file for zlib

Changes in (21 Dec 2009)
- Use old school .SUFFIXES in for FreeBSD compatibility
- Update comments in configure and for default --shared
- Fix test -z's in configure [Marquess]
- Build examplesh and minigzipsh when not testing
- Change NULL's to Z_NULL's in deflate.c and in comments in zlib.h
- Import LDFLAGS from the enviro


This is the pre-packaged Debian Linux version of the zlib compression
library.  It was packaged by Michael Alan Dorman <>
from sources originally retrieved from in the directory
/pub/archiving/zip/zlib as the file zlib-1.0.4.tar.gz.

There is a homepage at 


  The deflate format used by zlib was defined by Phil Katz. The defl

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