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Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms

The FFTW library computes Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) in one or more dimensions. It is extremely fast. This package contains the shared library versions of the fftw libraries in single, double and long double precisions. Note that on some architectures double is the same as long double in which case there is no long double library.

To get the static library and the header files, you need to install libfftw3-dev. For documentation, see libfftw3-doc.

Package version:3.3.2-3.1


FFTW is a free collection of fast C routines for computing the
Discrete Fourier Transform in one or more dimensions.  It includes
complex, real, symmetric, and parallel transforms, and can handle
arbitrary array sizes efficiently.  FFTW is typically faster than
other publically-available FFT implementations, and is even
competitive with vendor-tuned libraries.  (See our web page for
extensive benc


fftw3 for DEBIAN

Some of the changes made for version 3 of FFTW necessitated changes to the API,
so you will need to make (minor) changes when moving existing programs to this
version. See the documentation (in package fftw3-doc) for details.

In fftw2 separate packages included optimizations for SIMD
instructions. In fftw3 all such optimizations (x86 and powerpc) are


FFTW 3.3.2

* Removed an archaic stack-alignment hack that was failing with

* Added stack-alignment hack necessary for gcc on Windows/i386.  We
  will regret this in ten years (see previous change).
* Fix incompatibility with Intel icc which pretends to be gcc
  but does not support quad precision.

* make libfftw{threads,mpi} depend upon libfftw when using libtool;
  this is c


fftw3 (3.3.2-3.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * debian/rules: Use xz compres


Sat Apr 28 10:55:09 EDT 2012
  * Fix libfftw3/libfftw3_threads chicken-egg problem



This package was debianized by James A. Treacy on
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 12:50:10 -0500


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