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An automatic mail-processing tool and filter.

Mailagent is a mail delivery agent, and can be programmed to respond to mail in ways more sophisticated than a mail filtering program like procmail. It is easy to configure, and very easy to extend using Perl. Not only can the base functionality be extended, new commands and processing methods can be added in a modular fashion.

Obeying lex-like rulesets, mailagent can file mails to specific folders (plain Unix-style folders and also MMDF and MH ones), forward messages to third parties, pipe them to commands or post them to newsgroups. The filtering commands that are executed on the messages can be extended, and may rewrite the message headers or body as desired. It can also create and process commands based on key words contained in the body of the mail message.

Mailagent can be used as a vacation program, and can answer mail automatically and with more flexibility than the command of that name. A template can be provided for the body of the response, and the frequency of vacation mails can also be specified. Simple macro substitutions allow parts of the mail header to be recycled into the vacation messages, for a more personalized reply.

Mailagent can also be used to set up a generic mail server, without the hassle of the lower-level concerns like error recovery, logging or command parsing.

Please note that on Debian systems, mailagent requires a catch-all rule saving all mail into the user's home directory. Unlike other Mail Delivery Agents such as procmail, mailagent is too extensible to be safely made setgid mail, and so cannot lock /var/spool/mail mailboxes.

Package version:1:3.1-74-0.2


This directory contains the 2nd half of a news <=> mail gateway system.

The 1st half is the mail -> news gateway, which is already implemented
in mailagent via the POST comamnd.

The 2nd half is the news -> mail gateway, and it is implemented by
the newsgate program held in this directory.

WARNING: you will need the Log::Agent module, which you can get




This is the root directory for mailagent.

If you choose to install the mailagent, you will enable people to
ask for patches and eventually distributions. You need kit 2.0
(at least PL 9) and cshar 3.0 for the mailagent's PROCESS command to
work properly. If you miss one of those, you can grab them my
CPAN directory:

You will also have access to filtering 


This is Debian GNU/Linux's prepackaged version of Raphael Manfredi's
mailagent program.

This version of mailagent was put together by Manoj Srivastava
<>, from the sources distributed directly by the
author, Raphael Manfredi <>, at:

The changes in this package are essentially the additi


This is the root directory for the C filter.

Using the C version of the filter instead of the shell


                           mailagent 3.1

              Copyright (c) 1990-2008, Raphael Manfredi



This directory contains help files for mailagent's SERVER command.


This directory holds the shell version of the filter, and some other
sample files which will be inst


This directory contains examples of rule files for the mailagent and
other aspects from my own envir

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