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small and fast Bayesian spam filter

Quick Spam Filter (QSF) is an Open Source email classification filter, designed to be small, fast, and accurate, which works to classify incoming email as either spam or non-spam.

QSF's targets are speed, accuracy and simplicity: * It is small and is written in C so it starts up quickly, unlike filters written in Perl. * It understands MIME and HTML, so it can intelligently deal with modern spam, unlike older Bayesian filters such as ifile. * It runs as an inline filter rather than as a daemon, so it is simple to install. * It is written to do only one job - decide whether an email is spam or not using the content of the message alone - so it is less complex than filters such as SpamAssassin. Less complexity means bugs and security problems are less likely. * As well as words and word pairs, QSF also spots special patterns in email such as runs of gibberish, HTML comments embedded in text, and other common spam giveaways, and its flexible tokeniser allows more patterns to be added as spammers change their tactics.


Package version:1.2.7-1+b1



This is the README for `qsf', a quick spam filter.  QSF uses a database of
"tokens" taken from previous emails to determine whether any given email is
likely to be spam or not.  If an email is miscategorised, simply send the
email back to QSF with the appropriate parameters to modify the database and
make it more accurate.

Note that `qsf' works well with either its own 


1.2.7 - 28 August 2007
  - license change to Artistic 2.0
  - pointless option "-l" removed

1.2.6 - 4 February 2007
  - bugfix (reversion): removed locking from MySQL as it makes it too slow

1.2.5 - 21 January 2007
  - bugfix: fixed random token deletion in list backend
  - bugfix: added table locking to MySQL backend to maintain integrity
  - bugfix: fixed MySQL database type autodetection for 


QSF(1)                      User Manuals                      QSF(1)

       qsf - quick spam filter

       Filtering:       qsf [-snrAtav] [-d DB] [-g DB]
                            [-L LVL] [-S SUBJ] [-H MARK] [-Q NUM]
                            [-X NUM]
       Training:        qsf -T SPAM NONSPAM [MAXROUNDS] [-d DB]
       Retraining:      qsf -[m|M] [-d DB] [-w WEIGHT] [-ayN


qsf (1.2.7-1+b1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for kfreebsd-amd64; no


2007-08-28 14:02  naoliv

	* debian/: changelog, copyright, doc-base, patches/index.html.diff:



Things still to do, in order of priority:

  20070222: weight as personal if 1 database, use -d/-g f


This package was debianized by Tom Parker <> on
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:36:15 +00

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