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lightweight music player

Guayadeque is a lightweight and easy-to-use music player that supports smart playlists and huge music collections.

Main features include: - Play mp3, ogg, flac, wma, mpc, mp4, ape, etc. - Read and write tags in all supported formats. - Allow to catalogue your music using labels. Any track, artist or album can have as many labels you want. - Smart play mode that add tracks that fit your music taste using the tracks currently in play list. - Ability to download covers manually or automatically - Suggest music using service. - Allow fast access to any music file by genre, artist, album, etc - Play shoutcast radios. - Allow to subscribe to podcasts and download all new episodes automatically or manually. - Dynamic or static play lists. - Tracks tag editor with automatically fetching of tags information for easily completion. - Lyrics downloads from different lyrics providers. - Easily expandable contextual links support. With it you can find information about a track, an artist or an album on your favourite site. - Easily expandable contextual commands support. For example you can right click on any album and click in option to record the album in a burning application. - Option to copy the selection you want to a directory or device using a configurable pattern. - audioscrobbling support. - Partial GNOME session support to detect when GNOME session is about to close and save the play list so it can continue next time with the same tracks. - Allow to resume play status and position when closed and reopened. - You can rate the tracks from 0 to 5 stars. - MPRIS D-Bus interface support so it can easily controlled from music applets for example and many more.

Package version:0.3.5~ds0-4


GUAYADEQUE(1)                                          GUAYADEQUE(1)

       guayadeque - lightweight music player


       This manual page documents briefly the guayadeque command.

       Guayadeque is a lightweight and easy-to-use music player that
       supports smart playlists and huge music collections.

       Guayadeque allows users to:


guayadeque (0.3.5~ds0-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * libindicate-0.7 transition (Closes: #673811):
    - Refresh 04-libindicator_0.6.patch
    - Tigthen build-dep on libindicate-dev >= 0.6.92
  * Fix watch file.
  * Really link with --as-needed.

 -- Alessio Treglia <>  Mon, 21 May 2012 18:48:20 +0200

guayadeque (0.3.5~ds0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Let guayadeque build with l


2012-02-03 0.3.5

  * Allow to select tracks from album browser zoon cover mode
  * Added load defaults in shortcuts preferences
  * Added cue support
  * Allow to change language from Preferences -> General
  * All playlists but the dynamic playlists with sort defined can be sorted
    by any criteria.
  * Added collections support. You can define as many collections as you want.

2011-05-13 0.3.


Upstream-Name: Guayadeque 

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