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GNU troff text-formatting system

This package contains optional components of the GNU troff text-formatting system. The core package, groff-base, contains the traditional tools like troff, nroff, tbl, eqn, and pic. This package contains additional devices and drivers for output to DVI, HTML (when recommended packages are installed - see below), HP LaserJet printers, and Canon CAPSL LBP-4 and LBP-8 printers.

The X75, X75-12, X100, and X100-12 devices, which allow groff output to be conveniently viewed on an X display using the standard X11 fonts, are now included here. They were previously in a separate package, groff-x11.

Besides these, the groff package contains man pages describing the language and its macro sets, info documentation, and a number of supplementary programs:

- gxditview, which is used to display the output of the X* devices, and can also be used to view PostScript output from groff; - grn, a preprocessor for pictures in the 'gremlin' format; - tfmtodit, which creates font files for use with 'groff -Tdvi'; - hpftodit, which creates font files for use with 'groff -Tlj4'; - afmtodit, which creates font files for use with 'groff -Tps'; - refer, which preprocesses bibliographic references for use with groff; - indxbib, which creates inverted indices for bibliographic databases used by 'refer'; - lkbib and lookbib, which search bibliographic databases; - addftinfo, which adds metric information to troff font files for use with groff; - pfbtops, which translates a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII for use with groff; - mmroff, a simple groff preprocessor which expands references in mm; - pic2graph, which converts PIC diagrams into cropped image files; - eqn2graph, which converts EQN equations into cropped image files.

All the standard macro packages are supported.

Some facilities only work if certain recommended packages are installed:

- ghostscript, netpbm, psutils: required for HTML output; - imagemagick: required for the pic2graph and eqn2graph programs; - libpaper1: paper size detection in dvi, lbp, lj4, and ps devices (falls back to a4 if not installed).

Package version:1.21-9


This directory contains the examples for the `chem' language written
in the book:

    Computing Science Technical Report No. 122
    CHEM - A Program for Typesetting Chemical Diagrams: User Manual
    by Jon L. Bentley, Lynn W. Jelinski, Brian W. Kernighan

The book is available in the internet at

Many of the examples had to be fixed.  Unfortunatel


This directory contains examples for the `chem' language.

You can view the graphical display of the examples by calling

    groffer <file>

`groffer' calls `chem' automatically.

If you want to transform example files to a different format use the
`roff2*' programs:

`roff2dvi' prints dvi format to standard output,
`roff2html' generates html output,
`roff2pdf' outputs pdf mode,
`roff2ps' produce


    Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009
      Free Software Foundation, Inc.

    Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
    are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
    notice and this notice are preserved.

The files in this directory show mom in action.

If you have downloaded and untarrred a version of mom from her
homepage, you'll see that 


ADDFTINFO(1)                                            ADDFTINFO(1)

       addftinfo  - add


AFMTODIT(1)                                              AFMTODIT(1)

       afmtodit - creat


CHEM(1)                                                      CHEM(1)

       chem  -  groff  


EQN2GRAPH(1)                                            EQN2GRAPH(1)

       eqn2graph - conv


GDIFFMK(1)                                                GDIFFMK(1)

       gdiffmk - mark d

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